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 Armenian school in Plovdiv - 175 years of  foundation

Armenian school in Plovdiv - 175 years of foundation

11/27/2009 12:29:32 PM

With a gala concert on Friday from 18 hours in Dramatic Theater School "Victoria and Krikor Tyutyundzhyan will celebrate its 175-year anniversary. Not only is one of the oldest in Bulgaria, but the Armenian school in Plovdiv is the only country. The school was founded in 1834 to the Church Surp Kevork "in Old Town. Initially it is taught only boys who are receiving education to 4. After nearly a century and a girls' school emerged. In 1926 Vahinak Hayrabedyan, a lawyer by profession, President of the school board, two school together and register as a school primarily middle school.

 Memory is the year 1942, when Victoria and family Krikor Tyutyundzhyan built and donated by the Armenian church building, which today houses the Armenian school. In 1944 the school was renamed one of the leaders of the communist movement Stepan Shahumyan. With the government decision Armenian school was closed in 1976, but after the democratic changes in 1990 (later the first rally of anti-free December 10, 1989 all present voted unanimously for a resolution reconstruction of the Armenian school in Plovdiv. And now it there. Dolev Alexander) it opens the door again, and returns the name of the donor - a family Tyutyundzhyan. This is a brief history of one of the oldest schools in the country.

 In a courtyard in the heart of the Old Plovdiv are church, school and home culture. Currently under construction and homes for the elderly and kindergarten. The school has a special status, the building is owned by the Armenian Church, which even provided it Plovdiv Municipality of charge. Unique is the fact that since first grade, children are taught in four languages - Armenian, Russian, English and Bulgarian.

 Armenian children are extremely favorable to their peers from other ethnic groups. This study Roma children, children of Turkish, Bulgarian and Arabic origin. Through extracurricular training kids manage to develop their creative abilities. Cultural center to operate a theater school vocal group, choirs, dance groups, word art, sports teams and school of fine and applied arts.

 For several years the school's students participate in international competitions and Olympiads armenistika. Teacher of Armenian language Malvina Manukyan is proud that the Olympics in July in Yerevan 130 armencheta worldwide only 20 were left with their awards, among them plovdivchankite Raflin Sarkissian and Theresa Voskanyan.

 Verdzhiniya Garabedyan director is keen to open playground behind the church under heaven Tepe. She is grateful for the help and support he receives from the Armenian Church and the Plovdiv Municipality. This year, with the assistance of vice-presidents of the municipal council and Todor Hristev Suzana Nikolova and mayor of the region "Central Raina Petrova had allocated funds for renovation of the cultural center. Each year the school received different amounts of scholarships for Armenian charities. At $ 2000 from the heirs of America send all of the famous Armenian Oryur Araks, which has been a teacher. World famous celebrities have completed the Armenian school in Plovdiv - the director Krikor Azarian

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