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 Bulgaria National Radio Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Bulgaria National Radio Celebrates 75th Anniversary

1/25/2010 4:50:28 PM

Bulgarian National Radio BNR celebrates Monday, Jan.25, 2010,  the 75th anniversary since its establishment by a decree of Tsar Boris III.

On occasion of this anniversary, BNR offers a special program lineup during the day, while in the evening the event will be marked by an official ceremony at the “Ivan Vazov” National Theater in Sofia. The Radio will be handing the traditional annual awards named after the Radio's first director, “Sirak Skitnik.”

Bulgarian Ministry of Transportation and Communication issued Monday a special commemorative stamp dedicated to the anniversary.

On January 25, 1935, Bulgarian Tsar Boris III ordered the radio broadcast to become state property.


Until that date there had been a Radio station in Sofia managed and owned by the public organization known as "Hometown Radio". Many of the Bulgarian intellectual elite at the time had participated in the organization and the broadcasts. The cities of Varna and Stara Zagora had similar regional broadcasts, managed on the same principle.

The famous Bulgarian artist, poet and writer Panayot Todorov (known with his pseudo-name Sirak Skitnik, meaning Orphan Wanderer) was appointed as the first Director of the State Sofia Radio.

By becoming state property, the Radio was able to expand its program lineup to include not just news, but also music and educational programs. The first radio musical bands in Bulgaria were also created.



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