International Exhibition of Training Firms

International Exhibition of Training Firms

3/14/2008 2:31:28 PM

The TF-FEST found its place in the fair calendar for the first time in October 2005.

The International Fair of Training Firms TF-FEST is organized by rules defined by the Worldwide Practice Enterprises Network.

TF-FEST promotes the concept of training firms (they are virtual). They are demonstration in live of the method for integrated training in economics, information technologies, business administration and foreign languages in the form of a counterfeit of a real company. That is the place where the real business and the future labour market participants meet.

This forum provides the training firms with the opportunity to meet potential mentor companies (real companies) and to select applicants for the realization of training programmes.

During the Fest the training firms’ managers have the opportunity to present their activities to the public, to hold direct trade talks and to make deals, to get to know each other and to establish personal contacts.