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 The International Defense Equipment Exhibition HEMUS will open today

The International Defense Equipment Exhibition HEMUS will open today

5/26/2010 1:22:51 PM

Defense industry high technology in the fight against terrorism, in crisis response and humanitarian relief operations

The International Defense Equipment Exhibition HEMUS is bringing together leading Bulgarian and foreign companies. The 9th edition of the prestigious forum, held from 26 to 29 May 2010 at the Fairground of IFP, will be opened by the Minister of Defense Anyu Angelov. The event is showcasing new aspects of the military industrial complex oriented not only to defense applications, but also aimed at global security solutions related to environment protection, anti-terrorism and disaster relief operations.

Core areas at HEMUS 2010

  • Advanced developments, systems and products for defense industry; new cooperation ideas between business and science.
  • High-tech applications to fight piracy, terrorism, drug traffic; to protect fishery and environment; to prevent terrorist attacks.
  • Military industry to assist civilians in crisis response and humanitarian relief operations.
  • Business contacts and joint projects of Bulgarian and foreign companies as a factor of stability and integration. 

Exhibitors at HEMUS 2010 are 60 companies from 12 countries such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, the USA.

The exhibition will be attended by defense industry professionals, foreign diplomats, official delegations from Albania, China, Germany, Lebanon, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, the UK, military attachés, representatives of foreign research institutes and departments.

The International Defense Equipment Exhibition HEMUS has been jointly organized by the Foundation "Hemus '95" and International Fair Plovdiv. HEMUS is a biennial event under the direction an Organizing Committee presided by the Minister of Defense.

On display at the exhibition are products of the Bulgarian defense industry, enjoying strong demand on the international market. Leading foreign companies present their newest developments. 

The 5th International Conference on “DEFENCE PARTNERSHIP, RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGIES" is in the highlights of the event. The agenda of the conference includes reports and contributions by NATO officials and researchers, representatives of the Alliance's member states and partner countries the executive and legislative power of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as of defense industry companies.

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