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 Todor Alexandrov  was born on that day

Todor Alexandrov was born on that day

3/4/2009 10:11:52 AM
Todor Alexandrov was born on March 4th 1881 in the Novo selo suburb of Shtip in the family of Alexander Poporushev and Maria Alexandrova. In 1898 he finished the Bulgarian Pedagogical School in Skopje and became a teacher consequtively in the towns of Kochani, Kratovo, the village of Vinica, and Shtip. As young as 15 years of age, he was sworn as a member of VMORO by Hristo Matov.

In 1903 Todor Alexandrov distinguished himself as an extraordinary leader and organizer of the Kochani revolutionary district. He was arrested by the Turkish authorities on Marh 3rd 1903 and sent to Skopje under enforced police escort during the same night. He was sentenced to 5 years of solitary conginement by the extraordinary court there. In 13 months time (April 1904) he was released after an amnesty. Soon afterwards he was appointed a headteacher in the Second high-school in Shtip. Todor Alexandrov, in cooperation with Todor Lazarov and Mishe Razvigorov, worked day and night to organise the Shtip revolutionary district. The results of his activities were detected by the Turkish authorities and in November 1904 he was forbidden to teach. On 10th January 1905 Alexandrov's house was surrounded by a numerous troops but the daring revolutionary succeeded in breaking throught the military cordone and immediately joined the cheta (band) of Mishe Razvigorov where he became its secretary. Alexandrov attended the First congress of the Skopje revolutionary region as a delegate from the Shtip district.

His deteriorating health made him become a teacher in the Black Sea town of Bourgas in 1906, but after learning about the heroic death of Mishe Razvigorov, he abandonced the work as a teacher and returned to Macedonia at once. In November 1907 Alexandrov was elected as a district voevoda (commander) by the Third congress of the Skopje revolutionary region.

On 2nd August 1909 the Turks made another attempt to arrest him but failed again. In the spring of 1910 he and his cheta traversed the Skopje region and organised the revolutionary activities. At the beginning of 1911 Todor Alexandrov became a member of the Central Committee of VMRO. In 1912 he is a voevoda in the Kukush and Solun (Salonika) districts where he carried out a number of sabotages against Turkish targets, facilitating this way the Bulgarian cause in the First Balkan War. In 1913 he was at the head quarters of the Third brigade of the Macedonian Militia, and during the Second Balkan War he supported the Bulgarian Eight Tundzha Division with his VMRO chetas. After 1913 he had to organise the VMRO resistance again the new oppressors - Serbs and Greeks.

On 4th November 1919 Todor Alexandrov was arrested by the government of Stambolijski but he succeeded to escape nine days later. In the spring of 1920 Alexandrov went with a cheta to Macedonia where he restored the revolutionary organisation and attracted the world's attention to the unsolved Macedonian question. At the end of 1922 his head was prised at 250 000 dinars by the Serbian authorities in Belgrade.

Todor Alexandrov met his death of a hero when a traitorous hand fired a bullet on 31st August 1924 in the legendary Pirin mountain.
World Drug Fighting Day
World Drug Fighting Day
6/26/2019 9:17:00 AM
It is better to treat drug addicted rather than punish them - that is the change in the legal system the Plovdiv "Mothers against Drugs" Association stands for.
Today is ENYOVDEN  (Midsummer Day)
Today is ENYOVDEN (Midsummer Day)
6/24/2019 9:00:00 AM
This ancient Bulgarian ritual is considered the turning point in the mythological calendar of the ancient people -a ritual connected to the summer Equinox, when the day is longest and...
ROUSSALSKA NEDELIA (Midsummer Week) - the week after Pentecost
It is the week from Spirits' Day until next Sunday, when healers called "kaloushari" visit people's homes. People believe that after their visit there will be only health.
Anniversary of the birth of Dr Obreiko Obreikov (1891 - 1969), the founder of the Plovdiv Fair
Born on June 17, 1891 in Plovdiv, Dr. Obreikov comes from an eminent Bulgarian Revival period family.
PENTECOST / HOLY TRINITY (50 Days after Easter )
50 Days after Easter is the feastday Pentecost (Whitsunday), also called Holy Trinity.
VIDOVDEN (Vido’s day) - June 15
VIDOVDEN (Vido’s day) - June 15
6/15/2019 9:00:00 AM
That day is the feast of the last one of the hail-men family - sometimes interpreted as a brother, Vido, sometimes as a syster - Vida.
ELISSEY feastday (Liseh’s Day; St.Eliseus) - June 14
The traditional feast of Eliseus (also called Ellisey, Lisseh, Lisso or Lissey) is one of the thunder-maker feasts, alongside with German and Bartholomew.
VARTOLOMEY (St Bartholomew’s Day) - June 11
The feast is called Vartolomey or also Varti-Lomi (in association of storm and hail).
6/6/2019 10:00:00 AM
SPASSOVDEN (always on Thursday, 40 Days after Easter - “Ascension Day” or “Ascension of the Lord”): The great feast called the Spassovden or Ascension Day is connected to the eternal human wish for health and joy. The feast is a non-fixed one, and it is celebrated 40 days after Easter, always on Thursday.
Today we celebrate "The Day of Botev and All Freedom Fighters Who Lost Their Lives for the Independence of Bulgaria"
That day has been appointed by a decree of the Ministerial Council dated May 31st 1993. It was first celebrated back in 1884 in Vratsa and Plovdiv.