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AGRA 2010 International Agricultural Exhibition opening toda

AGRA 2010 International Agricultural Exhibition opening toda

2/23/2010 3:37:43 PM
Miroslav Naydenov, Minister of Agriculture and Food, is expected to open 19th edition of the International AGRA 2010 Exhibition, Feb.23 - 27, 2010..

361 companies from 18 countries (280 of them Bulgarian) will be participating in the exhibition.

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Co-organizer of the AGRA Exhibition: Agricultural Academy at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The International Agricultural Exhibition AGRA focuses the attention of the Bulgarian and foreign agribusiness. The most successful agricultural forum in Southeast Europe is a showcase for the new achievements and a compass for the current trends in the sector.

AGRA links science with production, the manufacturers with the consumers.

The International Agricultural Exhibition is a powerful information pool. Both exhibitors and visitors acquire new ideas and establish business contacts, ready to face the challenges of the world market. The business meetings, seminars, conferences and presentations contribute to the high effectiveness of the forum.

AGRA has been a UFI-approved event since 1995. That is an acknowledgement for the quality and the prestige of the exhibition.

info: International Plovdiv Fair

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