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Art and crafts news from Plovdiv

Art and crafts news from Plovdiv

12/12/2007 12:24:13 AM

The St Dimiter (aka. St Demetrius) Association – Plovdiv has organized a charity auction of works by famous contemporary Plovdiv artists. The funds raised will be donated for the reconstruction of the St Dimiter Church in the Old Town of Plovdiv.

The auction will take place Dec.13th, 2007, at 7.00 PM, in the Paris Hall of the Novotel Plovdiv Hotel in Plovdiv. 

The auction features paintings by the following artists: Valeri Stobski, Yuri Kaloferov, Iliana Manoukova, Georgi Simov, Mihaela Ivanova, Ei Stancheva, Georgi Kirov, Iliana Savkova, Krassimir Hadjiev, Todor Shekerdjiev, Ivan Popovski, Palmiro, Radul Shishkov, Chavdar Marinov, Stanimir Videv, Georgi Kononets, Peter Beliashki, Tanyu Mitev, Maxim Boyadzhev, Ilia Yonchev.

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Regional Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv invites you all to the celebrations of the St Spiridon Day – the feast day of crafts and craftsmen, December 12th, 2007, Wedensday, 10.30 am. Traditionally, all craftsmen are supposed to lit a candle on that day in a church, and to organize a party.

Here is the schedule of the events organized by the Ethographic Museum that day:

I. The Procession (starting 10.30 am) - It will start from the front yard of the Museum down to the St Bogoroditsa Cathedral Church.

II. Inside the cathedral church (11.00 am) – a service will be held for health by three priests.

III. A special ceremony for promoting assistant craftsmen to master craftsmen (12.00 pm) – the ceremony will take place in the front yard of the Museum

IV. Exhibition of master crafts (12.30 pm) – official opening of the exhibition featuring works by the Masters of the Craftsmen Association dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the association. The audience will have the chance to enjoy the works of cutlers and embroiderers.


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