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Bridal Fashion Week 2009  The Old Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Bridal Fashion Week 2009 The Old Plovdiv, Bulgaria

6/12/2009 2:17:02 PM

• Bridal Fashion Week is a trade, promotional and artistic fashion forum created within European standard, identical to similar world fashion events and being part of the World Fashion Calendar with its unique format and location for Europe and the rest of the world.

• Bridal Fashion Week is an innovation of the traditional Fashion Week Bulgaria, which has been conducted from 2000 on, already having more than 14 editions in Plovdiv and Sofia.

• Bridal Fashion Week is conducted under the Patronage and with the support of the Plovdiv Municipality, which is a host of the fashion initiatives included in the event calendar on the territory of the Old Plovdiv.

• Bridal Fashion Week is organized in partnership with cultural fashion institutions not only on national but international level as well, such as the European Fashion Council, The World Fashion Association and other world recognized fashion organizations.

• The main goals, above all things, are to constitute and develop a prestigious Bulgarian national and international platform designated to present and promote young and recognized names in the Bulgarian fashion and design, European and international designers and fashion houses, to present and set the trends in the field of bridal fashion, accessories and bridal styling to traders, media, buyers, trade attaches, etc.

  • Bulgarian designers
  • Bulgarian fashion houses
  • Young designers under the age of 30
  • European designers and Fashion Houses
  • International designers and Fashion Houses
  • Wedding Agencies and Consultants
  • Fashion photographers and cameramen
  • Bridal hairdressers and make-up artists
  • Designers and manufacturers of jewelry and accessories
  • Bridal cloth and material importers
  • Representatives of the tourism branch
  • Advertisers and Sponsors
  • Fashion Maecenas in charity

The weekly fashion calendar including the full schedule of the event to be announced on June 10, 2009 one month to the opening, together with a presentation at the official webpage:
The Bridal Fashion Week is held at the Ancient part of Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in Europe and the world. The contemporary of Troy – the Ancient and Perpetual Plovdiv is a world tourist destination included as a place for visits of cultural and fashion tourist groups from Japan, China, Russia, Europe, South and North America, Africa and Australia.

The unique atmosphere of the Bulgarian Renaissance period in the Old Plovdiv and the beautiful decorations of the houses’ yards and their exterior give additional invaluable prestige to the presented bridal fashion collections during the runway shows, photo sessions and exhibition showrooms.

Unique fashion stage for presentation of not just Bulgarian but international designers and fashion houses through direct participations or international designer exchange within the European and world Fashion Weeks.

Bridal Fashion Week is part of the world fashion calendar with rising cultural-economic, tourist and geopolitical, advertising and business significance in the world of fashion.
For this purpose the Organizing Committee to the National fashion chamber of Bulgaria works in partnership with the Expert-Advisory Fashion and Fashion Design Council of the Plovdiv Municipality, the European Fashion Council, diplomatic missions and cultural centers of the European countries in Bulgaria, as well as with the assistance of the Bulgarian diplomatic corps and the cultural attaches in more than 150 countries in the world.

Bridal Fashion Week
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