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Bulgaria's 1st Garbage Processing Plant Opened near Plovdiv Industry

Bulgaria's 1st Garbage Processing Plant Opened near Plovdiv Industry

10/9/2009 10:03:52 AM

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, opened Thursday in the village of Shishmantsi, Rakovski Municipality, near Plovdiv the country’s first hard waste processing plant.

“The deal for the construction of this factory is one of the most investigated deals, and the prosecutors are still to say their word but now it only matters that the factory has started working, and will resolve the environmental issues of Plovdiv and the region,” Borisov declared at the opening.

The Prime Minister also said a similar plant would have already been built in Sofia if it had not been “sabotaged” by his predecessor, Sergey Stanishev. He stressed that his government supported all of the country’s regions regardless of political affiliations.

Borisov said the Plovdiv waste disposal plant would not have to process garbage from the capital Sofia. He reminded that the Plovdiv dump site recently accepted 100 000 tons of waste from the capital but the Plovdiv Municipality got a lot of money from the state for that in order to finance its other projects.

The construction of the waste plant in Shishmantsi started in 2003, and was completed in June 2009. After that the factory awaited its environmental permit. A total of BGN 42 M have been invested in it; of those, BGN 32 M came from the state budget.

It is initially going to work with one production line with a total capacity to process 125 000 tons of waste per year. A second production line, however, is also to be launched at a later stage.


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