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Contest for the Residence Program for Artists

Contest for the Residence Program for Artists

2/3/2006 7:55:06 AM

The Art Today Association (Center of Contemporary Art ? Plovdiv) and the Rotor Association for Contemporary Art start a common 2006 exchange Residence Program, in which one BG and one Austrian artist are expected to participate, spending a month in Graz, Austria or Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


The aim of that program is to activate the relations between artists and artistic communities, as well as creating new contacts and opportunities for mutual projects.

Due date: Feb.20th, 2006; Location: Graz, Austria.

The Art Today Association (Center of Contemporary Art ? Plovdiv) opens a contest for the BG candidate in the Residence Program to spend a month in Graz. Artists of medias are welcome to send their CVs and CD/DVD containing information materials of their projects so far.

The BG resident is expected to spend a month in Graz (Feb.27th-March 31st, 2006), with a train ticket/cheaper flight covered as well as 25 Euro daily allowances for the period (up to 700 Euro).

Candidate documents should be mailed until Feb.8th, 2006, at the following address:

The Art Today Association

Center of Contemporary Art ? Plovdiv

36 Konstantin Stoilov St, Plovdiv 4000

The results of the selection are going to be displayed at the The Art Today Association (Center of Contemporary Art ? Plovdiv) site in the period Feb.10th-15th, 2006.


More info regarding the foreign resident in Plovdiv:

For one or two months a Bulgarian or foreign artist will reside in Plovdiv. The artists will be selected by Art Today or suggested by some of the project partners. They will realize their artistic projects in the Multimedia Lab and will present them to the Plovdiv audience in the premises of the Center for Contemporary Art ? Plovdiv or on other chosen by the artists space. During the three-year project five foreign and three Bulgarian artists will be presented.

Terms for participation

The applicants have to send:

  • Motivation Letter
  • Artistic CV
  • Project
  • Visual materials

Applications have to be sent by mail on:
Art Today Association, 36 Konstantin Stoilov St.,  4025 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Resident artists by now:



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