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Large complex of four different  religious churches will be built near Pamporovo

Large complex of four different religious churches will be built near Pamporovo

10/6/2004 5:01:00 AM

Next year the construction of a large complex consisting of four different  religious churches - a catholic church, an orthodox church, a mosque and a synagogue, is going to start near the winter resort of Pamporovo. The project is made by the eminent Plovdiv architect, Matey Mateev, who won the first prize at the 2002 Internet contest, organised by the Initiative Committee of Church Construction in Bulgaria.

Each of those churches are going to have their own yards, while the four of them together will share a two-levelled square. The first level features the entrance to the complex and the whole visitor service. Under the entrance level (i.e. underground) aMuseum of the four religions will be situated - the first virtual museum in Bulgaria. The complex will also feature an original mast which will mark the distances to the key Holy Places and their temples and churches of these religions all over the world.

Arch.Matey Mateev is the author of the book Plovdiv - the capital city of Bulgarian Baroque.

The photo above: The PLoivdiv City Art Gallery hosted in 2001 the exhibition "EuroAsianopolis (one city 11 centuries old, close to the Bosphorus)". The project, the drafts and the sample figures are also made by Arch. Matey Mateev and were exhibited in the Bulgaria Pavillion of the Expo 2000 in Hanover.

(based on information in the Maritsa newspaper)

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