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METAPOLISM. Urban matters - Center for Contemporary Art CCA Plovdiv - The Ancient Bath

METAPOLISM. Urban matters - Center for Contemporary Art CCA Plovdiv - The Ancient Bath

10/14/2010 12:38:33 PM
METAPOLISM. Urban matters - Center for Contemporary Art CCA Plovdiv - The Ancient Bath

A?T PROTECTS YOU / Jochen Traar / Austria

gangart / Simonetta Ferfoglia, Heinrich Pichler / Austria, Italy

Institute for Cultural Resistant Goods / Barbara Zeidler, Abbé Libansky / Austria, Czech Republic

Josef Ramaseder / Austria

Heiko Bressnik / Austria, Germany

Curator: Jakob Racek

Opening: Oct. 15, 2010 - 5 PM.

Panel: “Utopias of disorder” with Alexander Klose / Berlin - 6 PM.

Exhibition: Oct. 16 - November 12, 2010


„METAPOLISM. Urban matters“ in the Center for Contemporary Art CCA Plovdiv shows artistic interventions addressing the cycles of utilization and devaluation of mundane things. Found objects, raw and waste materials are being recruited for artistic means and subjected to a series of rededications. Every project of the exhibition is set within different urban circuits and they all use “recycling” as an artistic strategy to create arrangements with an open outcome rather than completed works of art. Eight artists from Austria, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic are working for two weeks in Plovdiv to realize site-specific installations that address the circulation of goods, people and intangibles. Their works are the starting point for a survey of urban landscapes and their metabolic processes.

“METAPOLISM. Urban matters” has set itself the task of learning from the maenadic systems beyond the order of urban infrastructure and to undertake an “analysis of practice” by artistic means. We approach the city of Plovdiv as a morphological field of forces in which models of spontaneous partnership and cooperation are vividly developing. The artistic interventions unfold this previously under-exposed terrain of informal urban agency. They move in spheres, where political decisions, social distribution and corporeal positioning.

1/12/2019 9:00:00 AM
Name day of everyone named Tatiana or Tanya (coming from Latin with the meaning "the one who arranges").
Plovdiv expecting to be crowned European Capital of Culture
With a show entitled "We Are All Colors", which is expected to include 1500 performers, Plovdiv will officially open its program as European Capital of Culture 2019on January 12. In the coming months Plovdiv will host more than 300 projects and 500 events.
1/8/2019 9:00:00 AM
The legend has it that the Egyptian king ordered the old women, who were maternity nurses, to kill all newborn Jewish boys. The old women did not submit to that order because they were afraid of
Today is IVANOVDEN (St. Johns Day)
Name day of everyone named Ivan, Vanyo, Vanya, Yoan/Ioan, Yoanna/Ioanna, Yonko/Yonka, Yoto, Ivaylo, Ivo, Ivona, Kaloyan, Jan/Jean, and Janna whose...
Name day of everyone named Yordan/ka (named after the holy river of Jordan), Yonko/a, Daniel/a, Bozhan/a, Bozhil, Boyan/a, Bogdan/a and Bozhidar/a(both meaning "God's gift"), Bogolyub/a, Boncho, Bonka, Bogomil/a (meaning "Dear to God"), Bistra.
The first BG General -  General Major Sava Moutkourov, was born on that day in 1852
Colonel Sava Moutkourov, later promoted to General, was an active participant in the Unification (1885), in the Serbian-Bulgarian War (1885), he supported Stefan Sta...
January 2 is SYLVESTROVDEN (St. Sylvester Day)
Name day of everyone named Sylvia, Sylester, Goran, Goritsa
Today is VASSILYOVDEN (aka. St. Vasilij or St. Basil, the Great)
Name day of everyone named Vassil, Vassilka, Vassilena, Vesselina, Vesselin, Vessela, Vessie, Veska, Vulko (the name"Vassiliy" in Greek has the meaning of "regal").
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
1/1/2019 1:00:00 AM
We wish you all tons of love and joy, luck and happiness, success and prosperity for the new year 2019!!!
More About  New Year...
More About New Year...
12/30/2018 11:00:00 AM
Did you know that the day we celebrate the New Year on has not always been January 1st?The celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays.