On the danger of Maritsa River flooding again

On the danger of Maritsa River flooding again

1/6/2006 4:54:11 PM

We all remember that intimidating photo well.


Now, the Maritsa River is raising its level again...  Is there any real and present danger?


Not for the time being, according to the Deputy Mayor Zdravko Zafirov. Although the level rose, it still has some 1.20 ? 1.40 m to go until reaching its critical height at some dangerous points ?near the Plovdiv Incinerator and near the University of Food Technologies.


The managements of "Kritchim" and "Batak" Dams, which are currently partially releasing some of their waters, have been warned that they should not increase the permissible amounts when releasing. Plovdiv Municipality is on the alert and ready to build up levees at the critical points in case of drastic increasing of river level.