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Plovdiv fire fighter awarded with the prize "Fireman of  2009"

Plovdiv fire fighter awarded with the prize "Fireman of 2009"

1/20/2010 11:48:13 AM
Chief Fireman Emil Ivanov, commander of the "Emergency & Saving Activities" group at the Plovdiv Fire Brigade, won the first place at the "Fireman of the 2009" ceremony that took place in Sofia.

The 39-year-old fire fighter has 16 year experience and has taken part in numerous fire operations. In the beginning of 2009, Emil saved the lives of three drowning men who were fishing in the lake outside the town of Laki, in the Rhodope Mountains, when their boat capsized.

The Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, and the Internal Affairs Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, together with other key government figures, attended the ceremony in the National Palace of Culture, Sofia.
Name day of everyone named Danail, Daniel, Daniela.
 SPYRIDONOVDEN (St. Spyridons Day)
SPYRIDONOVDEN (St. Spyridons Day)
12/12/2018 9:00:00 AM
Name day of everyone named Spyridon or Spiro.
ANINDEN (St. Anna’s Day - the Conception of the Holy Mother of God by Saint Anna)
Name day of everyone named Anna, Ana, Anita, Aneta, Anette.
38 years ago John Lennon was killed on that day...
Former Beatle John Lennon has been shot dead December 8th, 1980, by a gunman he did not know, who opened fire outside the musician's New York apartment.
December 8th - the Day University Students celebrate as their feastday
The start of that special feast goes back to the 1920, and is connected to the then-only BG University - the Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski.
212 years of the first early Bulgarian printed book
In 1806 the first early Bulgarian book Nedelnik (Kiriakodromion) written by Sofronii of Vratsa was printed.
NIKULDEN (St. Nicholas the Wonderworker)
Name day for everyone named Nikola, Nikolay, Kolyo, Nikolina, Neno, Nenka, Nikolina, Nina.
ST. SAVA (also: St. Savva or St. Sabbas the Sanctified)
Name day of everyone named Sava, Slavka, Slav, Vladislav, Slavi.
ST. VARVARA (St. Barbara) - December 4
Name day of everyone named Varvara, Barbara.
 World AIDS Day
World AIDS Day
12/1/2018 9:00:00 AM
The ends of the red ribbon are pointed to the ground today, symbolizing the life that is disappearing.