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The Autumn Salon of Arts in Plovdiv - an event to be closely watched!

The Autumn Salon of Arts in Plovdiv - an event to be closely watched!

8/31/2009 9:54:49 AM
The Salon of Arts opens today with a concert of Jon Lord, Deep Purple's keyboards player, and the orchestra of the Plovdiv Opera and Philharmonic Society at the Ancient theater - 8 PM tonight.

Two hours earlier, 6 Pm, the National Autumn Exhibitions open at the Balabanov House Museum. The exhibitions of artists will be displayed at various house museums in the Old Town - Encho pironkov House Museum, Mexican Art exhibition premises, Ancient Plovdiv Association premises, Hundlian House Museum.

There will also be a special exhibition of works by the late artist Dimiter Kirov at the Filibos Nihanian House Museum.

The five-day international puppet festival "Two are too few; three are too many" opens for 18th time in a row on Sept.3.

Indian world music will be played at the Orpheus Open-air movie theater on Sept 4 - in a concert of Prem Joshua.

Also Sept.4, the Ancient Baths CXontemorary Art Center is opening the Contemporary Art Weeks, under the motto "Look at Me!".

Sept.10, the theater festival "Scene at Crossroads" opens.

Also in September, the Festival of Bulgarian non-feature film, Golden Rhyton"opens; followed by the Verdi Festival on stage of the Ancient Theater int he Old Town; the Circus Week; the Magic Arts Fest; the Plovdiv Rock Music Fest.

The night of the art galleries and museums open October 2.

October is the month of festivals: the Plovdiv Jazz Nights, the Guitar Fest, the German_bulgarian Plainair in Graphics, Photography International Days Fest.

Oct.10 is the concert of Billy Cobham and Theodosii Spassov, with Camelia Ben Nasr, Inbar Freedman and Olivier Gatto.

Tickets to all the events in the Arts Salon are sold in the box ofice located opposite the Plovdiv Municipality building.
KOLEDNI ZAGOVEZNI (Christmas Shrove before Christmas Lent)
After the Great All Souls’ Day and Michaelmas, there comes Christmas Shrove - the last day you can eat meat before Christmas.
Today is the feastday of ST. MENAS (also: Minas), St. Victor and St. Vicentius
Name day of everyone named Mina, Minka, Mincho; Victor, Victoria;
11/8/2018 8:00:00 AM
Name day of everyone named Angel, Angelina, Mihaill, Gavrail, Radka, Radko, Raina, Ognian, Plamen, Emilia, Emil.
The Great All Souls’ Day (also called Michaelmas All Souls’ Day) is the first Saturday before Michaelmas
The Day of Bulgarian Revival Period's Cultural Leaders
November 1st Bulgaria celebrates one of the greatest days honoring our culture and development - The Day of Bulgarian Revival Period's Cultural Leaders
MISHINDEN  (Mouse Feastday)
MISHINDEN (Mouse Feastday)
10/27/2018 11:23:00 AM
Name day of everyone named Nestor.The day is honoured by women. They are forbidden to do any household work, otherwise mice would harm the house and the  grain.
Today is DIMITROVDEN (St. Demetrius’s Day)
Name day of everyone named Dimiter, Dimitrina, Dimo, Mitra, Dragan, Drago, Dimka.
Feast day of St. John of Rila (a.k.a. Sveti Ivan Rilski) and the Rila Monastery
On 19 October the Bulgarian Church celebrates the discovery of the imperishable holy remains of St. John of Rila (a.k.a. Sveti Ivan Rilski) and also their moving ...
October 18 - St .Luke's Day
October 18 - St .Luke's Day
10/18/2018 8:00:00 AM
St.Luke, Holy Apostle and Evangelist, who wrote about the life of Jesus, used to be a good healer and a talented artist.
10/17/2018 10:00:00 AM
International Exhibition of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmaceutics MEDICUS, DENTO, GALENIA starts today