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The ?Sky for All? Festival

The ?Sky for All? Festival

8/23/2005 9:05:54 AM

This year?s festival ?Sky for All? (BIAF 2005) is going to be part of the celebrations scheduled for the 120th anniversary of the Unification of Bulgaria (September 6th, 1885). The whole team of the Plovdiv History Museum is going to participate in the events of the celebrations.

The "Sky for All" festival has been organized by the Bulgarian Air Force Foundation, under the guardianship of the President of Bulgaria, Georgi Purvanov, and the special support of the Defence Ministry of Bulgaria. The festival is going to to take place at the Plovdiv International Airport, located outside the nearby village of Kroumovo.

Schedule of the festival:

September 6th (Tuesday):

    • ?        9:00 am ? open access for all the visitors
    • ?        11.00 am ? 2:30 pm  - airplane demonstrations
    • ?        6:00 pm ? closing the event

September 7th (Wednesday):

    • ?        9.00 am - 12.00 pm ? Access to the static exhibition of various aviation companies 

It is a preliminary schedule and can be altered.


The photo above - see a map of divided Bulgaria from the period preceding the Unification (1885)

PETLYOVDEN (Rooster’s Day)
PETLYOVDEN (Rooster’s Day)
1/20/2019 9:00:00 AM
Name day of everyone named Efthimios (Evtim, Euthim), (the name derives from the Sanskrit word "en", which designates infinity, the hidden god. Some people also interpret the name with the meaning of "kindliness")
Today is ATANASOVDEN (St. Athanasius Day)
Name day of everyone named Atanas, Atanaska, Nasso, Nacho, Tinka, Nasya, Totka.
Today is ANTONOVDEN (St. Anthony`s Day)
Name day of everyone named Anton (meaning priceless in Latin), Antonia, Antoanneta, Antoan, Andon, Doncho, Donka, Donna, Donny, Donyo, Tonyo, Tony.
1/16/2019 9:00:00 AM
That Feast Day is the first one of the group “Antonovden & Atanassovden” (in the period Jan.16-18) and acts as preparation to the next two larger holidays.
1/12/2019 9:00:00 AM
Name day of everyone named Tatiana or Tanya (coming from Latin with the meaning "the one who arranges").
Plovdiv expecting to be crowned European Capital of Culture
With a show entitled "We Are All Colors", which is expected to include 1500 performers, Plovdiv will officially open its program as European Capital of Culture 2019on January 12. In the coming months Plovdiv will host more than 300 projects and 500 events.
1/8/2019 9:00:00 AM
The legend has it that the Egyptian king ordered the old women, who were maternity nurses, to kill all newborn Jewish boys. The old women did not submit to that order because they were afraid of
Today is IVANOVDEN (St. Johns Day)
Name day of everyone named Ivan, Vanyo, Vanya, Yoan/Ioan, Yoanna/Ioanna, Yonko/Yonka, Yoto, Ivaylo, Ivo, Ivona, Kaloyan, Jan/Jean, and Janna whose...
Name day of everyone named Yordan/ka (named after the holy river of Jordan), Yonko/a, Daniel/a, Bozhan/a, Bozhil, Boyan/a, Bogdan/a and Bozhidar/a(both meaning "God's gift"), Bogolyub/a, Boncho, Bonka, Bogomil/a (meaning "Dear to God"), Bistra.
The first BG General -  General Major Sava Moutkourov, was born on that day in 1852
Colonel Sava Moutkourov, later promoted to General, was an active participant in the Unification (1885), in the Serbian-Bulgarian War (1885), he supported Stefan Sta...