Gavril Krustevich (1817 - 1898)

Gavril Krustevich (1817 - 1898)

1/1/2012 12:00:00 AM

Gavril Krustevich (real name: Gandyu Krustev Baev) - born in the town of Kotel in 1817. Public figure and statesman; man of letters; Honorary member of Bulgarian Literary Society (later the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). Graduates Law Studies in Paris. He had numerous high-ranking court positions in Constantinople.

He was active participant in the fight for church and national independence. After the Liberation (1878)he was appointed Secretary(1879-1884)of the General Governor of East Roumelia, and the  Internal Affairs Director of East Roumelia.

In the period April 14th, 1884 - September 6th, 1885 (when the Unification of Bulgaria took place), Krustevich was General Manager of East Roumelia (the once-position of General Governor that he succeeded from Aleko Bogoridi). He was connected to the Peoples Party.

Gavril Krustevich was one of the eminent representatives of Bulgarian intelligence circles in the period of the National Revival, and he wrote articles (on topics regarding BG language and culture) for numerous magazines and newspapers. He was also the author of the book Bulgarian History (1869).