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Anniversary of Ioan Leviev's death - 15 years without the great artist

The photo above: Ioan Leviev is the first ont he left; then Georgi Bozhilov, Milcho Leviev, Katia Passkaleva, Radoy Ralin, Vesselin Nikolov. On the first line: Johnny Penkov and Ognian Videv.

Ioan Isaakov Leviev was born on October 31st, 1934, in Plovdiv (his brother is the world-famous jazz musucian, Milcho Leviev). Painter, monumentalist.

He graduated from the Sofia Art Academy in 1958, Major Decorative and Monumental Painting, from the class of Prof. Bogdanov. His art is unique due to its specific expressiveness and special color effects used. He had numerous paintings depicting his native Plovdiv.He also created a large number of monumental murals and mosaics all around Plovdiv - in the Agrarian University, the Maritsa Hotel, the former Party Center, the Ivan vazov National Library, the Novotel Hotel, etc.

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