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Computer Giants Arrive in Bulgaria

After Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, Google also discoveres Bulgaria

The Americans are coming, thus in short the invasion of US IT giants into Bulgaria can be explained. Only a couple of days ago it emerged the richest man's company Microsoft had chosen Bulgaria, to establish its headquarters in the region. It is expected to start functioning in the middle of 2007 and to serve all South-Eastern Europe. This could be seen as the latest acknowledgment of world IT leaders for the Bulgarian IT specialists. Only a month ago Hewlett-Packard opened a similar centre spreading on over 10 000 sqm, hiring about 1000 Bulgarian IT specialists and serving clients from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

On Tuesday Brian Cute, one of the managers of VeriSign that controls .com and .net Internet domains, also declared the company intended to open offices in Bulgaria. The reason is that the number of registered Internet sites with these endings in Bulgaria have drastically increased. From 2004 to present day the Bulgarian sites .com and .net have increased by 42%. Over 400% has been the growth of the Bulgarian .org sites for the last five years. Vinton Cerf, one of the founding fathers of Internet and vice president of Google was astonished with the skills and qualification of the Bulgarian computer experts. He said they are nothing worse to the world leading experts. Google intends to install a server in Bulgaria that would improve the speed and access to the site.

Thus, a bit unexpectedly, it turns out small Bulgaria has attracted the interest of the largest and mightiest IT companies in the world. One of the reasons undoubtedly is the good computer specialists in the country. Besides, the political stability and the perfect economic are seen as further advantage. At least this is what Teodor Milev, General Director of Microsoft Bulgaria explained why Bill Gates's company chose Bulgaria for regional centre.

Ivailo Velkov, StandartNews