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Cultural events in Plovdiv

Trakart Culture Center presents the premiere performance "Dimiter's Sky" tonight at 7 PM. It is based on excerpts from the book "Forgotten by Heaven" by Ekterina Tomova and Albert Einstein's essay "On the Origin of Evil". The character of the 110-year-old man living in the Rhodope Mountains is played by the actor Dimiter Selenaski. Directed by Georgi Kaitsanov.

* * *

Selection of art segments from the Art and Digital Culture "Transmediale" taking place in Berlin, Germany, will be presented at the Banya Starinna Contemporary Art Center in Plovdiv. The Transmediale Forum first took place 22 years ago and has attracted a huge number of artist to participate in it ever since. The latest edition featured the participation of about 1000 artists.

* * *

The German Reading Room in Plovdiv celebrates its 12th anniversary with the exhibition "Comics - The Scene of Germany and Switzerland" presenting comics books from German and Swiss publishing houses. The exhibition will be taking place at the foyer of the Ivan Vazov National Library.