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Stoyan Mikhailovski was born on that day in 1856

The great BG writer and philosopher Stoyan Mikhailovski was born on January 19th, 1856, in the town of Elena. Stoyan Mikhailovski comes from an old Revival-period highly-educated family; he is son of the writer, publicist, publiv figure and founder of the Turnovo School of Spelling, Nikola Mikhailovski, and a nephew to another eminent figure from the Revival period - Ilarion Makariopolski.

Stoyan Mikhailovski started his literary activities back in 1872. He is famous for his satirical writings, parodies, aphorisms, fables, poems. He was author of the hymn to Cyril and Methodius which sounds on each May 24th celebration.

The photo above: The monument to Stoyan Mikhailovski in his hometown  Elena.