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Today is ATANASOVDEN (St. Athanasius Day)

January 18 the Orthodox Church honors St. Atanasius The Great - a holiday connected with the New Year?s rites. According to the traditional beliefs, St. Atanasius is the ruler of snow and ice. Dressed in a silk shirt he ascends the mountain, riding his white horse and exclaims: ?Winter, go away; Summer, come again!? That?s why this holiday is also known as the Mid-winter Day. St. Atanasius? Day, just like the preceding St. Anthony?s Day, is a holiday of the blacksmiths, ironmongers, cutters and shoeing smiths. St. Atanasius is the patron of blacksmiths and he symbolizes immortality.

Name day of everyone named Atanas, Atanaska, Nasso, Nacho, Tinka, Nasya, Totka.