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Triphon Zarezan Feast Day - the day of vine-growers and wine-producers

On the occasion of the professional feast day of vine-growers, Trifon Zarezan (celebrated on the same day as the popular St Valentine?s Day), the National Bank BNB releases its latest specially minted theme coin dedicated to ?Vine-Growing and Wine Production?. Its nominal is 5 BGN but it is going to be sold for 22 BGN each.

Is obverse side displays the emblem of the bank and the year 1879, written on the ribbon, while the reverse side displays grapes with three leaves and a bottle of wine that have all been brightly colored. A singling bird stays on top of the composition. The sign above says in Bulgarian ?The Taste of the Sun?. Ivan Todorov and Plamen Dzhermanov are the authors of the Artisitic design.

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